Seamless Access Control Systems in Pittsburgh, PA

Simplify the way you do business by automating your building. Scanlon Fiber Optics improves the way you communicate, engage with your work environment, and manage security by providing business automation. In Pittsburgh, PA, we put everything at your fingertips and even make your business “smart” by installing advanced IP access control systems. We serve a wide range of clients, such as:

  • Small & Medium Businesses
  • Large Corporate Companies
  • Multiple-Site Premises
  • Government Buildings
  • Schools & Universities
  • Sports Clubs
  • Car Parking Lots

All New & Improved Business Access Controls

When you partner with Scanlon Fiber Optics for access control installation, you can expect a unified and dynamic approach to security and access rights management. Going beyond this conventional mindset of just securing doors, we design and install full-scale systems that provide the highest security control possible. Your new system also monitors traffic-dense areas to enhance efficiency. Other features and benefits of our business access controls include:

  • Central Control of Privileges
  • Management of Hundreds of Doors
  • Access to as Many as 10,000 Users
  • Detailed Event Reporting
  • Scalable (Able to Add to Systems Easily)
  • Integration with Other Building Systems, such as Video Surveillance
  • Key Card Access
  • PC-Based Systems
  • Door Cards, Fobs, or Keypads

Heighten Your Security

By pairing your access control system with your existing network infrastructure, we improve security at your business as well as your readiness to respond to incidents and threats. Advanced IP access control systems give you the confidence to protect your people and assets. Bear in mind, access controls are now able to monitor more than doors.

The security landscape has evolved and new threats, specifically cybersecurity threats, have emerged. Your access control system should not only secure your doors, but it should itself be protected from cyber-attacks. Our systems address a range of security issues. For instance, they include site graphics, IP camera integration, and “triggers and actions” to extend the capabilities of your cutting-edge system. The systems we install keep your buildings, staff, and assets secure.

Contact us if it’s time to install a new, high-tech access control system at your business. We proudly serve clients throughout Pittsburgh, PA, and the surrounding areas.