Comprehensive Fiber Optics Installation in Pittsburgh, PA

Get crystal-clear voice quality, exceptional video, and the fastest internet possible by installing fiber optic lines. Isn’t it time to move into the modern era? Scanlon Fiber Optics has certified technicians who are thoroughly trained and experienced in all aspects of fiber optics installation. In Pittsburgh, PA, our company has proudly provided a wide range of structured cabling services for businesses since 2006. Some of our services include:

  • Fiber Optic Splicing
  • Dark Fiber Installation
  • Fiber Optic Acceptance Testing & Documentation
  • Single- & Multi-Mode Fiber Optic Cabling
  • Fiber Optic Backbone Maintenance
  • Fiber Optic DMARC & DMARC Extensions
  • Aerial Cable Line Construction
  • Underground Cable Placement Services
  • Terminations (ST - SC - LC - FC -  MTRJ Connectors)
  • Underground Fiber Between Buildings (Trenched-in Conduit)
  • Equipment Installations

Expand the Power & Reach of Your Fiber Optic System

Using cutting-edge technology and a team of expert technicians, we ensure top-quality and streamlined operation of your telecommunication and data systems. We give you more power, speed, and influence. Our fiber optic cable fusion splicing and mechanical termination services allow you to improve the functionality of your system.

Throughout the years, we have designed, installed, and maintained many networks in Pittsburgh. This includes traffic management systems and local area networks with different types of optical rings and point-to-point pathways. You can expect us to go beyond the industry standards to build a system that meets, and even exceeds, your expectations. Best of all, we leave room for growth, and we are happy to maintain your system and provide repairs when needed.

From Design to build to Fiber Optic Installation to Troubleshooting

Let Scanlon Fiber Optics help you get your project underway. Do you need a fiber allocation or loss budget analysis, or are you wondering what fiber optic equipment you'll need? Let our experienced technicians address all of your structured cabling concerns. We assess problematic networks, install new ones, and maintain existing ones. You’ll enjoy complete peace of mind when you rely on us.

Contact us to schedule a consultation and estimate for fiber optic construction. We proudly serve clients throughout Pittsburgh, PA, and the Tri-State area.