Fiber Optics Installation Construction

Fiber Optics Installation Construction in Pittsburgh, PA

DCS uses only certified technicians for our fiber optic cable design-build installation services who are thoroughly trained and experienced in all phases of design, install, project management, testing and certification and have years of experience while adhering to strict standards of conduct. Find out more about our fiber installation services.

Fiber optic terminations: ST SC FC LC and more mechanical & fusion style fiber optic splicing SC fiber optic termination features a snap in connector and can be used in both single mode and multi-mode fiber optic cabling. our splicing and termination services are essential for repairing or expanding your fiber systems. Having doubts on designing your network, We can help Let our experienced design team work with you and get your project underway. Fiber Allocation or Loss Budget Analysis, We can do that. Wondering what fiber optic equipment you’ll need? Let the guys who utilize the equipment daily offer some suggestions! Having problems with a current system Need Case Auditing, We assess problematic networks and offer solutions. Fiber optic troubleshooting is our expertise.

Connected Fiber specializes in maintaining the performance and expanding the power of your fiber optics system. Our fiber optic cable fusion splicing and mechanical termination services allow you to expand the reach and functionality of your system. We use cutting edge technology to combine optics fiber ends into one fully connected stream, assuring top quality and streamlined operation as you expand and improve your system.

We have designed and maintained several metro area networks, traffic management systems, and local area networks comprised of different types of optical rings and point to point pathways. We go beyond the industry standard to provide you with a network that not only works but is both visually magnificent and easy to work on. As senior fiber optic technicians ourselves, we never forget about the next guy. Our fiber management is second to none and easily accessible for future upgrades or repair.

  • Fiber Splicing on Dark Fiber and Critical Active Networks
  • Fiber Optic Acceptance Testing and Documentation
  • Aerial Cable Line Construction
  • Underground Cable Placement Services
  • Equipment Installations
  • Single Mode Fiber
  • Multi Mode Fiber Optic Cabling
  • Fiber Optic Cable Testing & Certification
  • Terminations (ST – SC – LC – MTRJ connectors)
  • Fiber Optic Backbones
  • Fiber Optc Dmark/ Dmarc Extensions
  • Terminations (ST – SC – LC – MTRJ connectors)
  • Underground Fiber Between Buildings (Trenched in Conduit, Aerial Installations)