Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance Installation in Pittsburgh, PA

The cost has never been better to have a professional video surveillance system installed at your business. Reliable, high definition security cameras are the norm in new video surveillance installations. Customers can expect video with amazing detail and access it easily from their phones or any computer. Live & recorded video is so reliable, and easy to access that it becomes a much utilized, effective management tool. Detailed video provides a digital time and date stamped record of events, exactly as they happened. Organizations discover all kinds of uses for the live and recorded video that are unique to their operations.

Scanlon Fiber Optics has been delivering modern, high quality video surveillance systems to businesses and organizations in Pittsburgh P and surround areas for over twenty years. Our systems are designed and installed with a reserve of knowledge about what works in the region and what is needed to give the most benefit to our customers at an exceptional value and get a no hassle, no obligation quote.

Rather than merely looking at your immediate security concerns, you should consider how the choice of a CCTV technology today will impact what you will be able to achieve as your security needs and video technology evolve over time. Deep integration of the latest IP cameras, readiness to support the computational needs of HD and 4K video, and adaptability to complex network topologies and new storage solutions are all important considerations when choosing a modern VMS platform. Personal data privacy is top of mind and with the growing proliferation of cameras, video privacy is a topic of great debate. Encryption of communications, stronger authentication, and the protection of video should be up front and center for any public or private organization. Simple password protection is no longer enough and a better approach for video security exists today. It is one where video authorization is secure and both archived video and video in-transit is encrypted. Protecting people and assets is harder than ever. With more cameras and security devices deployed, you can have eyes everywhere – but are they looking at the right place.

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