Fiber Optic Installation Testing

Fiber Optic Installation Testing in Pittsburgh, PA

The experts at Scanlon fiber optics provide through fiber optics and cable system tests to maintain top functionality and usability of your system. Every test is supported with all the necessary documentation in an organized accessible format to structure all your systems capabilities with ease. Professional testing is crucial to all aspects of fiber optics especially in the communications and CATV industries. Newly installed or repaired cables are most susceptible to errors, interference or damage and should be checked meticulously to assure proper operation. Our testing documentation gives you accurate measurements on your systems performance and tracks all the metrics. We test each device to keep your system working at top speed and efficiency. Our team of experts will give you a full analysis of your fiber optics connectivity to pinpoint current issues and prevent future problems.

Scanlon Fiber Optics utilizes state of the art equipment to offer you a variety of specialized fiber optics testing required to maintain top quality service. Testing of New and existing plant facilities both LAN and OSP layouts including fiber audits and advanced testing procedures. Legacy plant rehab, closure replacement and other services to increase the reliability of older optic fiber placements. Our technicians have many years of experience and training to meet you expectation of quality and performance and we offer testing capabilities including

– PMD Testing
– CD
– Power Loss
– Polarization Mod Dispersion ( PMD)
– Chromatic Dispersion ( CD)
– Wavelength Division Multiplexing ( WDM)