Emergency Fiber Optic Cable Repair & Restoration in Pittsburgh, PA

When your data or voice lines go down, you can’t afford to wait long for repairs. Fortunately, Scanlon Fiber Optics responds quickly when you require fiber optic cable repair in Pittsburgh, PA, or the surrounding areas. We are more than just cable installers. In addition, we are certified technicians skilled in repairing and restoring all types of structured cabling systems. If your network is damaged, we come quickly to your aid.

Whether we’re repairing, replacing, or fusion splicing damaged cables or fibers, our expert team members are up to the task. We offer 24/7 emergency repair and restoration services, so you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that we’ll get everything up and running as soon as possible. And, because we are experts in fiber optic testing, we are able to accurately diagnose and repair any problem. Contact us if you need any of the following:

  • Fiber Optic Cable Repair & Troubleshooting of Multi-Mode, Single-Mode Systems
  • Aerial Fiber Optic Cabling and Trenching Break Repair
  • OTDR Testing for Breaks
  • Upgrade & Rehab Splicing
  • Copper Splicing
  • Fiber Optic Cable Assembly
  • Engineering & Technical Consulting
  • Fusion Splicing Services
  • FC, MTRJ, and Dark Cabling

Fully Equipped to Address Your Fiber Optic Repair Needs

Due to our years of experience in the industry and our optical certification, we are able to use advanced ExFo testing equipment, certifying and providing test results for each strand. Our certified technicians are thoroughly trained and experienced in testing, repair, and design. When providing repair or fiber optic cable restoration, we also install custom-made fiber optic cable assemblies of all colors, length, and types.

Usually, voice and data outages are caused by severe weather, human errors, rodents, or other unforeseen events. Any disruption with your fiber optic cables requires a specialized contractor to address the situation. Since it is important your communication lines are open and working, we strive to get the job done quickly and thoroughly.

Contact us for prompt services if you are having frequent problems with your voice and data system. We proudly serve clients throughout Pittsburgh, PA, and the Tri-State area.